Marketing | Sales Training | Business Funding

Marketing and sales are the key to business success.  Growing businesses need capital to reach their goals. It is our mission to help your business grow and succeed. This is why we offer the resources in these three vital areas to our clients.

Marketing for increased visibility, traffic and engagement

We make sure that you become more visible across marketing channels turning impressions, views and visits into revenue. We integrate your online marketing with offline marketing, such as print, promotional items, and events, to optimize your budget.

We start with proprietary strategies to build and market your online reputation. We combine good customer feedback and online reviews, with high quality content marketing, so your visitors will become attracted to you and become highly engaged with your brand.

Increase Leads and Customers

Online visibility, traffic, mailers, promotional give-a-ways, are nothing if they do not turn into leads and customers. Our internet marketing strategies are geared towards building trust and transforming your visitors into leads.  Lead nurturing programs are vital to increase sales and to maximize your marketing budget. Sales Training is the key to signing the right type of customers.

Sales Training to convert leads into revenue

We offer the world’s best sales training platform.

Grant Cardone Sales Training including Grant Cardone University and Grant Cardone Sales Tools. The Grant Cardone system has proven to boost sales by over 40%, quickly.  More than 30 industries have seen stellar results. Companies such as Sprint, Ashley, Microsoft, Google use Grant’s Sales Training to make their sales force more professional and successful.

Business Loans and Financing for growth

We offer business loans, business credit lines, real estate loans, equipment financing and loan alternatives to provide you the flexibility and leverage to grow your business. Our team has over 50 years of financial planning and finance experience. We will assist with strategy and planning to implement the appropriate financing program for your business.

We have loan and financing reps at our Indianapolis office at (317) 589-0118 and Denver, Co at (720) 897-0513

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