Corporate Food Gifts

The closest way to the client’s heart is through their stomach!


Looking for a the perfect corporate gift this holiday season? …enjoy delicious chocolate!

75% of Fortune 100 companies use gifts from Maple Ridge Farms

If you are located in Central Indiana, why buy a gift unseen and untasted?

Our professional consultants will help you choose the right gifts for your budget, in the comfort of your office, and you get to taste the goods!

Here are 18 great reasons these are the perfect gift…holiday-food-gifts

  1. Food gifts are the #1 holiday business gift.
  2. Convenience…we’ll handle all the details!
  3.  High quality food gifts enhance your image.
  4. Our gifts promote your company, and your brand.
  5. Food gifts can be shared in the office.
  6. Gifts to fit every budget.
  7. Your recipients will LOVE these gifts.
  8. Send us your list and we will ship directly to each recipient.
  9. When your recipients open these gifts, they’ll say “Wow!
  10. Your logo on every gift.
  11. Gifts are packed-to-order.
  12. Customized gifts are available.
  13. Great gift ideas for your target audience.
  14. Food gifts are fun to receive!
  15. Food gifts are traditional.
  16. Personalized gift card service available.
  17. We ship on-time!
  18. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Watch the video below to see why you should consider a gift from Maple Ridge Farms.

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Please call (317) 589-0118 for questions or schedule a delicious taste of Maple Ridge Farms.