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Foresight Online Reviews CRM helps a local business receive 5 online reviews in 3 hours

UPDATE: Online Reviews CRM gets 32 reviews and 6  5-star reviews on Google in 10 days

If you understand the importance of your online reviews and reputation, we have developed a valuable program for you.  With less than an hour a week of effort,  you could dramatically increase the amount of customer feedback and online reviews.

We have been delivering products to help local businesses boost their online reviews and ratings for quite some time. Multiple tools such as postcards, employee training, web widgets, mobile apps for tablets, text messaging, emails and more. Comprehensive use of all these tactics have proven best, but if you have a small staff it can be a lot to implement.

Good online reviews are priceless, so not using a system will leave you behind your competitors. Costing you customers.

For business owners who are too busy to implement a full system, there is a shortcut to quicker reviews with less work from you.

Recently, we tested a new tool using a Customer Feedback CRM to generate reviews and feedback. This system made it possible to obtain 5 reviews within 3 hours. In your business, wouldn’t higher online ratings and better reviews get more customers to call?

Here’s a video overview of how the program works:


Here are results from our recent Feedback CRM Beta Program:

4 separate local businesses in different geographical areas:

105 contacts = 5 reviews in 3 hours
34 contacts = 4 reviews in 3 days
14 contacts = 5 reviews in 3 days
300 contacts = 19 reviews in 2 months

What are we offering? An invitation for you to join our beta program to get results, just like the businesses above!

If you would like to learn more contact us or click here to schedule a 15 minute phone call to discuss the details.
What does our beta program provide?

  • We do all the leg work. You reap the benefits.
  • You’ll have access to Our Full Customer Feedback and Review CRM for 60 days ($499 value)
  • A Branded Customer Feedback Page Customized for your Business ($199 value)
  • Copy- written Emails that have proven successful (like those used in the businesses above) ($149 value)
  • Unlimited Emails (can-spam compliant) sent on your behalf from our secure email server ($499 value)
  • Track all emails and provide you with dashboard to see activity (included with the CRM)
  • Goal to have 10-25 reviews with beta program (PRICELESS)
  • Feedback. This is a beta program. We request your feedback so we can continuously improve the program for you and others.
  • Email List formatted to our Template. No worries, the template is only 6 columns wide!

Will you get 5 reviews in 3 hours? It’s possible, but as you know, results vary.

Money Back Guarantee if unsatisfied.

What’s in it for us…if it brings value to you, you may take a peek at other products or continue with this one.

We are confident this system works, if you would like to learn more  click here to schedule a no-obligation phone discussion or call us at 317-589-0118.

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